Hargrove Hearth Products

Hardgrove Gas Logs

Hargrove Hearth gas logs are handcrafted and authentically molded to recreate a natural wood texture and a life-like appearance that will beautifully withstand year after year of use. Hargrove hearth products create the finest log sets capturing the warm textures of natural fire wood and each set of Hargrove fire logs are constructed with expanded metal reinforcement to ensure extra strength and durability.

Hargrove Vented Gas Logs, Cross Timbers, Rustic Timbers, Woodland Timbers, Aspen TimbersIn addition, the warm, dark embers not only glow when the fire is burning, but provide additional beauty when the flame is off. Hargrove also provides a full line of decorative bark chips, pine cones and other accessories to help you create a custom look for your fireplace.

All Hargrove Vented Gas Fire Log Sets include:

Lifetime Warranty against breakage in the original fireplace. Burners and Grates carry a five-year limited warranty against breakage in the original fireplace.  Pedestal Grate especially designed to place the logs in perfect position for the best flame pattern.  Heavy 16 gauge steel Ember Burner Pan.  Silica Sand, maximizes diffusion of natural gas.  Vermiculite is used with propane.  Embers, creates the illusion of a bed of glowing coals.  Connector, to join gas supply to the ember burner pan.  Optional Safety Pilot Valve combines the convenience of on-off control with safety features.

Hardgrove Rustic Timber Gas LogCeramic Fiber Logs

The properties of ceramic fiber logs are different than refractory or concrete logs.  Refectory logs radiate some hear, but mostly absorb the heat into the body of the log.  Timers Series ceramic fiber logs push or radiate the heat off of the heated surface of the log into your living space.